Oysters at Tomales Bay

In my attempts to find a job in San Francisco, a few weekends back I went out there for an interview and also went to one of Chris’ friend’s birthday parties, which was being held in Tomales Bay at the Tomales Bay Oyster Company.

Not being a huge oyster fan in the past, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked them fresh from the water, not landlocked Colorado style. We had a bag of small ones that we ate raw, and a bag of giant ones that we cooked on the BBQ, along with bratwurst and burgers, etc. People basically buy these bags of oysters, claim a picnic table complete with BBQ (we reserved ours ahead of time as it gets really crowded and there was no way we were showing up early), and just go to town eating and drinking. There were kids and dogs and bean bag toss and an eclectic mix of music. I distinctly remember hearing some crazy Indian tunes.

We also took a sweet 80s limo from the city to get to the bay, which was about an hour north and right along the San Andreas fault, as Chris was so kind to point out.


The limo

381_10151315838020583_1702604796_n 20130316_12250420130316_122803#120130316_125525734000_10151315827770583_150945767_n20130316_122458

And last but not least, the two lovely bridges at sunset 🙂

20130314_190727 20130316_191504


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