It took me two years to find toilet paper in this country

Yes, it’s true. When I moved over to the UK two years ago, I found the toilet paper revolting. The big name brands are 2-ply, and that was just shocking. It reminded me of what they had at the school restrooms as a kid, and it annoyed me so much that an entire country couldn’t be concerned enough with the quality of the materials they were using to wipe their behinds. It also extends to towels as well, with them being so shoddy and rough unless you buy ones that are £100. No good-quality, reasonably priced specimens from Target around here.

Anyway, back to TP, after buying all the different kinds at the grocery store itself, I decided to look up quilted on Ocado grocery delivery service and ordered that. It was 4-ply so I figured it would be much better than the stupid 2-ply. Well, the 4-ply felt literally like cardboard. So I finally searched for 3-ply. It came, and it’s wonderful.

It’s comparable to the brands everyone knows in the States, like Quilted Northern or Charmin. But this 3-ply Waitrose Quilted Bathroom Tissue beauty is generic grocery store brand…can you believe it? Albeit it is the posh grocery store Waitrose, but it’s still generic in my mind.

And that took me two years. Just be happy I’ve provided you with this knowledge so you don’t have to suffer as long as I did.

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