Rice – My favorite restaurant in Chiswick

This past Friday I went to my favorite little restaurant in Chiswick called Rice. It is a Persian restaurant, which would usually be very un-me, but it is absolutely delicious and it is also very reasonable, with my favorite dish being only £7.00! I highly recommend trying it if you’re looking for a lot of really good food at a little price.

My favorite dish is the number 18, which is called Koobideh and is a minced lamb kebab. It comes with a superb garlic cream sauce and I can never eat the entire dish. I get mine with naan and salad, with the other option being rice (maybe that’s why they named the restaurant after it?). I love the contrast of the fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions with the warm minced lamb dipped in the cool garlicky cream sauce. It is so good. They also do to-go orders and will have your order ready in 10 minutes flat, every time. They have a great patio that sits out on Chiswick High Road, or if it’s too cold and you have to sit inside (sad), you can watch one of the guys make fresh naan bread in the cool authentic stucco oven thing. We now go there often enough that the lovely lady that owns the place now recognizes us!


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