My Day at the Olympics Dressage Grand Prix Special

On Tuesday I went to my first Olympic event ever! I absolutely love dressage so when last-minute tickets came available on Craiglist the night before, we snapped them up. The guy that sold them to us was apparently part of the Italian Olympic team, as the tickets say Italy NOC on them and his name was Luigi, and the ladies we sat next to got them from the same guy but paid more than we did because they bought them two hours before us. It was pretty funny how Luigi handled it, we had to meet him at Gloucester Road tube station and then he came and found us, then made us walk away while handing us the tickets and exchanging the money. I felt like I was like doing a drug deal or something, it was so bizarre! I didn’t care though because I was going to see horsies at the Olympics.

After the longest tube journey ever all the way across town, we got to Greenwich Park. It is absolutely gorgeous and lent itself to be the perfect venue for the equestrian disciplines.

We made our way up to our seats in row 32, which was in category C.

The stands weren’t full, and yet every time I tried to buy tickets on the official site when it said they were available, I would have to wait in the 10 minute queue and then it said they were no longer available. Hmm.

The competition was absolutely amazing. It is very different from seeing it on TV, with the crowd getting into it all around you when there was a mistake, and screaming their heads off for team GB (who did absolutely amazing).

I thought this was funny. Someone didn’t use spell check.


And last but certainly not least, the lunch fiasco. There was about an hour lunch break, which we tried to head off by going to get food early. We walked around the whole park only to find the options mostly limited, so we decided on the Mexican food place. OMG. Huge disaster. I wasn’t expecting anything traditional or gourmet, trust me, but what they served us was a disgrace to Mexico.

These are supposed to be nachos. As you can see, it is chips with grated UNMELTED cheese on it, and that isn’t salsa, oh no…it’s cold tomatoes. Needless to say I ate one chip and it was so gross we asked for our money back. And got it 🙂

I would have been happy with the normal, fake, processed hot ‘cheese’ that comes out of the Nacho dispenser that every sporting venue in the US has on hand. How you can be disappointed from fake, squeezy hot goo that comes out of a dispenser on your nachos shouldn’t be possible, but it was. Oh England, can you not get Mexican food right??

Once we had all £10 back, we went back to our seats because the lunch break had started and now the lines for every place were literally hundreds of people long. As you can see here, which is the line for the deli which had nasty bacon on stale bread as food.

After the lunch break, we made our way to the only stand that seemed to have anything edible, which was the seafood place. I had a prawn sandwich which was decent and, unbelievably, the same price and the nachos. Let’s just say that I was sad not to see a pop-up McDonald’s, being that they’re an official sponsor and all, and that at least you know what you’re getting when you show up there.

Overall it was an amazing day out in which I got to see my favorite sport, and now I can also say I’ve been to an Olympics!

Congrats to Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro of Team GB, who ended up winning individual gold after the best Grand Prix freestyle test I’ve ever seen.



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