Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s Hotel

So last night I went to Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s in Mayfair. It was……..amazing.

The decor of the hotel overall is very art deco, 1920’s. But not in a cheesy way, because it was actually redesigned and redecorated in the 1920’s, so it’s legit. The huge ornate hanging chandeliers with shades and antique mirrors lining the walls really keep you in awe that what you’re seeing is not a recreation, but the actual thing nearly 100 years later.

The restaurant was pretty much completely full at 8:30 when we arrived, except for one large table in the corner that had a single tall candle lit in the center which was empty. A big ol’ group of posh old people came in at like 11 and sat there though, and were served like six bottles of champagne. Anyway, the rest of the people-watching was excellent, with lots of beautiful people, business men, a smattering of local celebs (apparently. I didn’t know who they were though), and couples on dates. We were given menus by the very attentive but not intrusive waitstaff to check out, including a wine list on a iPad. I’ve heard about some high-end restaurants using them but this was the first time I’ve actually seen one and I loved it. We chose a bottle of Shiraz, my favorite.

I chose to go with the lobster, shellfish and salmon ravioli to start, beef Wellington for the main course, and chocolate souffle for dessert. This was interspersed with several amuse bouches ‘complements of the chef’ (not sure about that. I think they give them to everyone), of which my favorite was the pressed watermelon something with a tiny basil leaf on top. Of course I didn’t get a picture of that because 1. I forgot, and 2. I ate it.  Other amuse bouches included split pea and ham hock soup which was very good but a bit salty, a little potato cake with truffle something, super sour pomegranate ice shavings with creamy something, chocolate truffles, and marshmallows in the shape of cubes, which amused me for sure.

My entire meal was excellent. There wasn’t one thing I would have changed and I was stuffed by the end.

I also found my knife interesting, and so I took a picture of it. It had a bee on the top. I’ve seen these at several restaurants here in London so I decided to look it up, and apparently it’s called a Laguiole knife. And it might not be a bee, it could be a horsefly. Not sure how much I love that.

I finished the meal off with a very English pot of tea, which was about four cups. And four cups of tea at about 11 pm does not bode well for sleeping, just FYI 🙂

4 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s Hotel

  1. Thank you so much! I have never been outside of the US and my first trip I am planning is to go to London.. I am so excited! I appreciate blogs like yours because I want to make sure I indulge every type of cuisine offered there.. especially Ramsay restaurants because they are so popular on tv here. Thank you again!!

    • I’m so glad you like the blog, thank you! There are tons of other non-famous-chef restaurants that are great, too, that I will definitely cover. The best thing of all is eating in amazing locations that just don’t exist anywhere else!

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