Things I Have Seen in the Past Week(ish)

On my treks out and about in the past week or so, these are things I have seen that I have found interesting.

Okay so pants are Brit speak for underwear. So basically this is saying win underwear or prizes. And I did read the fine print, and yes, you can actually win pairs of underwear.

These are articles about the Colorado fires that made it all the way across the pond to the Metro and Evening Standard newspapers in London. The one in Fort Collins on the bottom was very close to my parents house, so it was like a little bit of home from far away. The one on the top is one of the neighborhoods that burned in Colorado Springs. Just like to point out that Jenni Marsh got it wrong that Fort Collins is south of Denver…

On a related note, this actually made it into the newspaper. A jumper is a sweater.

This is an ad for beef.

This highlights why I have a problem with most steaks in this country. It’s a nasty sickly grey, yet it is on a full page in a national newspaper.

This is the tiniest cantaloupe I’ve ever seen. It came in one of the veg boxes. That is a shot glass next to it.

This is the inside of my supposed cantaloupe…it looks like honeydew to me. Apparently it is not a cantaloupe as Ocado told me, but I can’t figure out what it is. Anyone know?

This is some yogurt. It’s blackcurrant flavor, which I had never heard of until I moved here. I’m still not entirely sure what it is.

This is a Graze box. They deliver snacks through your mailbox in the front door and onto the floor. This one had nuts and seeds and supposed dried fruit that wasn’t all the way dried.

This is my basil plant that I named Reginald. Here it’s pronounced baasil, not baysil.

And the most exciting thing:

An Olympic lane!!! Obviously not in use yet because we are driving in it, but it’s all painted and ready to go. So exciting!

2 thoughts on “Things I Have Seen in the Past Week(ish)

  1. The steak looks like an artists impression of something that’s been cooked by someone who liked to steam meat!

    Not being a steak eater I’m curious – what should a good one look like?

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