4th of July in the Former Enemy #1!

Happy belated Independence Day, America! Of course being in the former colonizer that was Great Britain and the whole reason you have an Independence Day in the first place means that there wasn’t nearly the amount of celebrations going on as there are in the States, and certainly no fireworks displays. But since the UK and US are super duper best friends now, there were still quite a few things to do. I chose to celebrate at The Big Easy BBQ & Crabshack on King’s Road in Chelsea. There were having a rib eating competition at 6 pm, but we weren’t able to get a reservation (I mean booking, excuse me) until 9:30 so we missed that what-must-have-been-scintillating event.

Oh. And we saw these guys on the drive over to this place. They were full grown men wearing matching outfits, and they weren’t upset by it.

So the Big Easy BBQ and Crabshack is a supposed authentic American restaurant, so it was obvious why they would be having special events and a huge crowd. We arrived at 9 pm and got a drink at the bar, which had a selection of pre-mixed margaritas and lots of American bottled beers. I chose to go for a strawberry margarita, which was quite good. Bit pricey though, I think it was something like £8.50. Anyway, it was super squishy inside so we drank our drinks outside on the pavement (what the Brits call the sidewalk) and people-watched the unique Wednesday late evening population of Chelsea. A guy in a Rolls Royce tried to park in a spot that was being occupado by a guy parking a moped, and they had a silent body-language fight through the windshield. It was great.

After finally getting sat 15 minutes later than our reservation (argh…), they drug us downstairs into the dungeon. Literally, it was in the basement. Which is pretty typical for London restaurants, having a basement as part of the dining room, but this one was super dungeon-y as it was so crowded I felt as if I was in a prison. And not to mention the live band that was playing…the speakers were SO LOUD that to hear the person next to you, you had to literally scream. Not my idea of an eating environment, so we got moved upstairs and it was much better. Less squishy, less loud but you could still hear the band, and you could actually see out the windows because there were some.

They had several great specials, including a 2 pound lobster for £19.50 and surf and turf for £28. Pretty great value if you ask me. And my meal came with kinda okay fries, a very disappointing and crap salad, and a free margarita that tasted like toilet water. But it was free. The lobster was very good for the price, though, so it was worth it and I was full by the end of it.

As you can see the inside was all decorated for the occasion, making it super festive. You can also see that ominous downward pointing arrow. To the dungeon.

All in all it was a pretty good experience for Independence Day in London. Prices were very reasonable and food was overall quite good and were in large portions, and the atmosphere was buzzy and chock full of Americans looking for somewhere to celebrate. Of course there were the smattering of super annoying ones that could only talk about their travels around Europe and how they can totally spot an American because they are yelling and wearing a fanny pack, but they totally don’t do that because they are super world travelers and know better. All the while they are speaking so loudly that I have to move away from them and wearing white sneakers and taking pictures of how cool it was there is a restaurant not in America that has Budweiser.

I did miss myself some fireworks though. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “4th of July in the Former Enemy #1!

    • Yes I have been to the one in Fulham and it is pretty good, not the best I’ve ever had (of course). It’s great when you’re really craving some BBQ though. I’m unfortunately super picky being from where I’m from!!

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