Veg Box of the Week – 28 June

Here it is: my favorite delivery of the week. Veg box! It never ceases to amaze me how excited I get about it, with the endless variety of vegetables and fruit that someone has chosen for me…aka I don’t get bored of only eating cucumbers and grapes because I can’t be bothered to/don’t have the opportunity to discover all the different types of fruit and veg that exist in the world. And they don’t just give you the basics of the basics either. If you get apples, you get some amazing variety of apple you’ve never seen or heard of.

We get ours from Ocado, which is a grocery home delivery service in London (it is AMAZING!!). It comes in a cardboard box with a simple sticker on the outside. Nothing fancy and completely recyclable, either done yourself or you can hand it back to the delivery driver for recycling by Ocado.

Also inside is a list of what they’ve packed, and the recipe of the week featured one of the vegetable varieties.

This week there were some substitutions because of the weather, for which they included an extra sheet.

What’s in this week:

From left to right: Danlinette apples, onions, turnips, pineapple, courgettes (aka zucchini), Little Gem lettuce, brown mushrooms, peaches, leeks, Graffiti aubergine (aka eggplant), Fairtrade bananas, broad beans, and carrots. Don’t you love my herb garden in the background?!

My favorite item in the box are the stripey Danlinette apples. Super crisp and sweet, but not too sweet.

You just don’t find this kind of variety of fruit and veg in Colorado. PS the apples here are incredible. It’s the perfect climate for them.

Keep an eye out for upcoming recipes using the veg box!

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