The Triple Crown Party That Wasn’t

After I’ll Have Another won both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, I knew I had to have a Triple Crown party. It’s been several years since we’ve even had a contender, let alone a winner (last one was in 1978…), so the best way to get excited was to celebrate with a party. But on June 8th, the day before the Belmont, I’ll Have Another was scratched due to a “tendon injury” or something like that. I have other ideas of why he was really scratched, but nonetheless he wasn’t running so there would be no Triple Crown and essentially my party idea was bust. But I continued on and decided just to make it a Belmont Party, which turned out to be really nice and a lot of fun.

So on June 9th, we combined the Triple Crown Party that Wasn’t with my cousin’s 28th birthday, so there was hand-made horse cake and ice cream, along with the official drink of the Belmont Stakes, the Belmont Jewel, stuffed mushroom caps, chips and queso, crab salad in endive, meatballs, and a fruit tray as hors d’oeuvres. We also had the official flower of the Stakes, the white carnation, all around the party area, as well as green and white balloons at the front door and by the official race viewing TV and horse shoes from the farrier scattered about.

And we didn’t let the HUGE High Park Fire burning pretty close to the house get us down.

The party started at 1:00 but the race wasn’t until 4:30, so we had plenty of time to make cocktails, watch the pre-races, socialize and eat.


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