Veg Box of the Week: 21 May

I’ve really been missing my veg boxes since being back to the States for a few weeks. If you don’t know what a veg box is, it’s basically a box that comes full to the brim with vegetables and sometimes fruit, too. It really forces you to try new things and come up with ways of cooking things you’d never do without getting it in the veg box. And you don’t want to let all that lovely produce rot, so it’s even more motivation to eat your veg in a timely fashion. I absolutely love them and have decided to recreate them here by going to the grocery store on Mondays to see what is fresh, in-season and, hopefully, locally and organically grown. I’m also going to post all the recipes I utilize to use up the veg box throughout the week as inspiration for you to do the same.

This week, here’s what’s shown up:

Tomatoes on the Vine


Flat-leaf Parsley

Red Chard


Red New Potatoes


Bibb Lettuce

Green Beans


Room Temperature: All tomatoes should never be refrigerated as it ruins their taste. Set them out on the counter at room temperature. Uncut jicama should also be left at room temp. New potatoes, as in all potatoes, should be also left at room temp but in a cool, dry place like a pantry so they don’t sprout as quickly.

Refrigerator: Cut jicama should be covered in plastic and placed in the fridge. Parsley, Red Chard, Fennel, Rutabagas, Bibb Lettuce, and Green Beans should all be put loose in the fridge (aka not in a plastic bag).

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